Scone Cold Rejection: Scots Are Against Sending Stone to Charles III’s Coronation

King Charles III gives his address at Westminster Hall, where both Houses of Parliament met to express their condolences following the death of Queen Elizabeth IIInternationalIndiaAfricaScottish politicians believe that they should not send national relics to Charles III’s coronation since British authorities have ignored their plea for an independence referendum. Alex Salmond – former Scottish First Minister and leader of the Alba Party – has called on Scotland to forego sending a national relic – the Stone of Scone – to the coronation of British King Charles III.The object in question is a 152 kg block of sandstone which had been used in coronations of Scottish monarchs for centuries. In 1296, the relic – also known as the Stone of Destiny – was taken by English soldiers from Scone Abbey and from that moment on, it was used in coronations of English rulers. In 1996, exactly 700 years after the theft, British authorities returned the artifact to Edinburgh.WorldBiden Could Skip Coronation of King Charles III, Reports Say4 March, 04:54 GMTThe Stone of Scone was intended to be sent to Westminster Abbey as a part of the coronation ritual. However, Salmond argues that this would be unacceptable for Scotland. The politician reminded that British authorities ignored the desire of the Scots to hold a referendum on self-determination. Therefore, Salmond insists, there is no reason to transfer to Westminster what was “stolen 700 years ago.”The official coronation ceremony of the new ruler of Great Britain, Charles III, will take place on May 6, 2023. The current monarch became King of Great Britain after the death of his mother, Elizabeth II. He waited almost 70 years for the opportunity to ascend the throne – longer than all other heirs in the history of the country.


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