Russian Juice ‘Fruktoline’ Hit Shelves of Central China, REC Says

Orange juice InternationalIndiaAfricaApricot, peach, apple, mango, orange, and multi-fruit juices and nectars belonging to the Russian-based “Fructoline” brand have arrived in Central China. They popped up on the shelves of the Meiyijia supermarket chain in China’s Hunan province, the Russian Export Center (REC, part of VEB.RF) reported.”The company first placed the products in Shanghai agricultural showrooms, and then the goods appeared on the shelves of a regional discount chain in one of China’s most populous provinces. The Russian Export Center (REC) is opening a network of showrooms with Russian agricultural products abroad as part of the International Cooperation and Export national project,” the report said.The first batch of Fructoline juices and nectars hit stores in the second half of December. REC’s Shanghai showroom timed this shipment to coincide with the season when everyone in China is getting ready for the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year). Fructoline’s drink packaging is colored red, which is aimed at attracting Chinese consumers who seek to buy goods in this color for the festive season, since it symbolizes joy, prosperity and happiness.

"Fruit drinks in bright red packaging sold out in the blink of an eye," says Jiao, a representative of the REC operator in Shanghai.

In addition, Kangjia notes that food products from Russia are viewed in China as organic, without harmful additives and chemical dyes, and this image generally helps boost sales.Chinese consumers like the national color and the bright red packaging, confirms Chingiz Ulzytuev, regional manager of Fruktoline company in China.

"We have been on display at the Shanghai pavilion for more than a year, and this is our first shipment of samples under this REC government support program. We have used several of the pavilion's services, including displaying products for tasting and organizing negotiations with potential customers. Last year, an exhibition of Russian food products, including our 'Frutik' brand, was held as part of a 'street market' project in a tourist area in Shanghai. This arrangement is a good opportunity to make a statement. In 2023, Chinese government lifted all Covid restrictions, so we believe that these events can be held more often, including in other cities in China," he said.

RussiaRussian Exporters Hold Over 150 B2B Meetings at CIIE 2022 in China9 November 2022, 17:22 GMTAccording to the results of sales of the first batch of juices and drinks, the operator of the REC pavilion in Shanghai plans to increase the supply of Russian products to the Meiyijia supermarket chain, and not only juices and nectars. “We are looking forward to the opportunity to expand the number of Russian producers and the number of items on the shelves of Chinese retail chains, the REC program helps us a lot, because the main goal is to bring Russian products to the Chinese market and increase exports year by year,” Kangjia said.


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