‘I Beat Your A**’: Chaotic Footage Shows Southwest Traveler Put in Headlock Amid Wild Brawl

Southwest FightInternationalIndiaAfricaSouthwest has made a habit of creating headlines as of late. In December, its computer system went down, stranding holiday passengers for days. On Sunday, a Southwest flight had to make an emergency landing in Cuba and two days before that, a passenger passed out and others vomited during extreme turbulence and an aborted landing.A brawl broke out on a Southwest flight between two men after one of the men accused the other of “aggressively” bumping into his wife while the plane was boarding.The incident took place on a Monday flight from Dallas, Texas, to Phoenix, Arizona. Footage from the scene shows the man who appears to be the aggressor punching a shorter, heavily-tattooed man several times and putting him in a headlock while other passengers scream at him to stop.