Footage Captures Shocking Moment SUV Nearly Kills Texas Bloggers

Car slams into Houston cafe (screenshot of the video)InternationalIndiaAfricaStreamer and blogger Nathan Reeves was involved in a shocking accident while recording a podcast for his YouTube Channel November Romeo with photographer Alexsey Reyes.Bloggers Alexsey Reyes and Nathan Reeves were recently recording a podcast at a coffee shop in East Downtown Houston, Texas, when things took a sudden enough turn that the pair were left in a state of shock. Footage from the incident shows that as the pair were recording the podcast, a 38-year-old woman in a Chevrolet Tahoe crashed into the window Alexsey and Nathan were sitting next to.Video from the podcast recording showed the storefront window completely shattered; however, thanks to the low impact, the streamers were not badly hurt. It is specified that at the moment of impact, more than 10 others were present at the cafe.Moments before the crash, Reeves was heard saying aloud: “It got so quiet in here.The media, citing Houston police spokesman John Cannon, report that the car ran a red light and hit a Ford Escape before hitting the glass, losing speed because of it.”It was shock and a lot of adrenaline at first. But then after we made sure everybody seemed to be OK,” Reeves told news agency. “I was just freaking out that I got the whole thing on film.””The more days pass (the more) I am realizing how badly it could have ended,” Reyes said. Nonetheless, according to Reyes, he had only a few scratches from the glass and splinters in his clothes and hair.Not only did this episode of Reeves’ podcast gained tens of thousands of views, but shortly after the accident, Reyes published two videos on TikTok, which garnered more than 20 million views in just two days.


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