Condition of Boy Injured in Attack in Russia’s Bryansk Region Still Serious, Doctor Says

 / Go to the mediabankryansk region Governor Alexander Bogomaz visits a boy who was wounded in the terrorist attacks near the Russia’s village of Lyubechane / Go to the mediabankInternationalIndiaAfricaBRYANSK, Russia (Sputnik) – The condition of schoolboy Fedor, who sustained injuries during an armed car attack by saboteurs in Russia’s Bryansk Region, is still serious, but it corresponds to the post-surgery period, the chief doctor of the children’s regional hospital, Viktor Alexa, said on Saturday. On Thursday, a sabotage group penetrated from Ukraine to the territory of Russia’s Bryansk Region. Saboteurs shelled at least two cars, killing drivers. One of the vehicles was also carrying Fedor and his two female classmates. The boy was injured, but he still managed to get out of the car and save the girls. The child was taken to hospital where he underwent surgery. “Today is the second day after the surgery. We consider his [Fedor’s] condition to be serious, but it corresponds to [the second] day after the surgery. The post-surgery period proceeds without peculiarities, the child is eating and drinking,” Alexa told Russian broadcaster Rossiya 24. RussiaHow Russian Schoolboy Shot by NATO Bullet Turned Hero Overnight3 March, 13:13 GMTThe Russian Federal Security Service said on Thursday that Ukrainian nationalists responsible for attack in the Bryansk Region had been squeezed out into the territory of Ukraine, where they had been subjected to a massive artillery strike. Russian President Vladimir Putin called the attack of Ukrainian saboteurs a terrorist act, stressing that civilians, including children, had been shelled.


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