Abby Choi’s Ex-Husband and In-Laws Accused of Model’s Murder in Hong Kong

People watch a screen on a train showing news about Hong Kong model and influencer Abby Choi on February 27, 2023 in Hong Kong.InternationalIndiaAfricaThe model was reportedly involved in costly financial disputes with her ex-husband and his family who are now suspected of killing her.Late model Abby Choi’s former husband Alex Kwong has been detained by authorities in Hong Kong along with his father Kwong Kau and brother Anthony Kwong following the discovery of the model’s remains.According to media reports, the Kwongs have been charged with murdering Choi after cops found what they believe to be her body parts in a refrigerator in a house rented by Kwong Kau.Alex Kwong’s mother, Jenny Li, has also been charged with one count of perverting the course of justice.All four suspects were reportedly denied bail after being placed in custody, and are yet to enter a plea.AmericasIdaho May Legalize Firing Squads, Could be Used On Quadruple Murder Suspect27 February, 02:16 GMTThe police investigation was launched after Choi, a model and influencer with a 100,000-strong following on social media, was reported missing on February 21, with her remains being discovered by cops last Friday.Other discoveries made by the police included a skull with a small hole in its back, hair and several ribs all stored in a large pot.By the time of her demise, Choi was reportedly involved in financial disputes involving millions of dollars with her ex-husband and his family, media has pointed out.While police continue to work on the case, the judge has adjourned the case until May.


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